Give Frankenstein A Hug

• June 3rd, 2019

The adventure is never beginning or ending. The adventure is constant. It crosses the expanse of the mind through endless landscapes, and comes to life from the body to open minds and bring hearts together. My drummer Aaron Lemay says “If it doesn't make you happy or money, it's not worth your time.” 

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Ant bucket List

• May 27th, 2019

Ant makes a bucket list then raps about it. Attack of the huge leather couch. Computer raps about how it is the captain now. Interspecies birds. Frogs don't like U2. I wish I understood these feelings (a musical contemplation)

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Around In A Circle Like A Rat In A Maze

• May 20th, 2019

This special episode is a digital symphony based on themes generated by A.I. 

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Pineapple Soda

• May 13th, 2019

Ice is like a bank account of water. Pineapple gas station soda. A deer hit us! Remember the 20th Century. Computers discuss open mindedness. Shark Vegetarian. Jimmy Buffet Sleeplessness Paralysis Syndrome. Computer Poetry Reading. A Winter Journal Entry. 

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Everybody Deserves Shoes

• May 6th, 2019

Everybody is the world's worst driver. Fishing in the fragmented night, I'll throw it all back before I catch it. A one minute history of the art of Mark Rothko. Plus, The Circle of Bad Driving. Your existentialism won't be accepted. Enjoy!

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Nature Will Destroy Us

• April 29th, 2019

Are you surprised that the planet is trying to destroy us after all the years of us trying to destroy it? In fact the Earth is bigger than a billionaires ego. It's bigger than all our Netflix cues combined. No one talks about acid rain anymore. Also, a rap called Lobster Telephone. Enjoy!

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Corporate Facts

• April 22nd, 2019

An ant walks into a karaoke bar and sings the theme to Family Ties. It is not well received. Poor ant. Corporate facts are laws of finance in the form of a rap song. Also, a story about hitting bugs with the minivan. Enjoy!

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Dog Translator

• April 15th, 2019

New technology that translates dog into human, also modern science suggests we are living in an old bag of smashed Chex mix. Plus these massive hits: A Billy Idol acoustic show. Hot Cookies. Swearing Ant gives Squirrel a mohawk. Enjoy!

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Clown Friend Request

• April 8th, 2019

Boredom is the evil clown's workshop. Disco Shark eats a dolphin. A guided meditation through a secret garden (casino). My game is a freaker. My Shame aint no shame pizza. Enjoy!

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Sorry Wrong Bathtub

• April 1st, 2019

Nobody plays chess in Casinos, but anyone who tries the salmon at all you can eat buffets takes risks that a chess board cant afford. In god's fake chess, The apostrophe changes everything. It could be Gods chess is fake or God is fake chess, or without the apostrophe that multiple gods who play chess fake it. Enjoy!

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